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Art Against Ageism

Program Description

Research shows that the experiences of ageism can disproportionately affect women due to increased value placed on appearances and youth, affecting their lives from ability to find work, expenses, ability to remain independent, feelings of self value, emotional wellbeing and much more. In a 2018 study by Sophie Beaton, all women surveyed across a variety of fields felt as though they had experienced gendered ageism in one form or another.
With support from the New Horizons for Seniors Program, the York Region Women’s Foundation’s Art Against Ageism aimed to:
  • Provide information about different ways ageism (gendered and non-gendered) manifests in everyday experiences
  • Provide a safe space for sharing experiences and resources about ageism
  • Share art as a medium both for expressing ideas around ageism and countering ageism by providing real images and narratives from the diverse lives of older women

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Program Status: Complete

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