We value our corporate sponsors and love aligning with companies that recognize the value in our work and wish to contribute. Examples of a company’s giving power include:


  • Cause marketing – A marketing program that highlights York Region Women’s Foundation. A good example is certain products will have a YWRF flower ribbon. We will gain awareness and a percentage of sales. The company typically attracts new customers that want to support the cause.
  • Matching gifts – These are especially lucrative when you have a large number of advocates for your cause on a company’s payroll.
  • Non-cash gifts – A company can provide needed expertise or products to further the mission of the nonprofit.
  • Workplace giving – With payroll giving programs you may have the opportunity to present your mission face to face with every person in a company. While $2 or $5 monthly from an individual may not seem like much, it really adds up if half the staff is giving.
  • Customer giving – Businesses with retail locations present new opportunities to get their customers involved in giving to YRWF at their cash registers. Companies look like a great corporate citizen, but haven’t had to invest money: All the donations come from their customers.
  • Volunteerism – Companies can supply YWRF with teams and participants who will fundraise for events, day-of-event volunteers, executive volunteers for boards or committees and program volunteers.

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